Friday, February 5, 2010

Edge of Suspense


  1. Finally!! This one is amazing. The bold silhouettes and contrasting rim lights really do the trick. The style fits the story perfect.

  2. Was it difficult doing the color scheme here?

  3. Hi Lan, there were a few moments (i.e. the woman's face) where I was completely stumped for awhile. Working strictly with B/W value shapes (rather than outline and color) requires a whole different mindset and approach, but in a way it was a thrilling challenge. I clocked about 14 production hours, which isn't bad, but required some extra patience.

  4. your line art work is incredible and the story is great too .. worth the set up and punch...

  5. David, the artwork killed me with its sophistication and complexity.

    Then, the pun just killed me!

    Noooooooooooooooooooo . . .

    I think in terms of sheer design and effort, this is your best comic! And I like, mean, ever.

    That lady can "kill" me anytime.

    But yeah, I have to be honest here. Only thing the pun did for me was make me want a "Canyon" jacket. Seriously, if those were available, no matter how tacky they look, I'd still want one.

  6. @Enoch: Hahaha! As I recall, you're a big coat kinda guy too! So am I, which is why Rasco always wears one. I think of all of them, he and I are the most similar.