Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rasco's Momma


  1. I can see why this took a while to do, the mother Koala looks pretty majestic and GREAT job on the landscape. I had a good laugh as usual.

  2. Thanks Lan! Not only that, but I spent a couple days researching motherhood, poetry, koala reproduction and Australia. I thought you would appreciate it from a writer's perspective.

    I'm also now working as a fulltime illustrator, which has given me the confidence and techniques for something more visually elaborate.

  3. Fun stuff. Very dramatic artwork; touching. Great job, Dave!

  4. hahaha, great! Nice painting chops and I like how the style changes in mood from sentimental to the punchline.

    by the way, I think the webcomic link on your homepage is broken or something, I thought this site was down for a while until I typed it in myself

  5. Fans all over the world, David. Wow. Congratulations.

    Of course, it must make it harder to respond to these fans if their plaudits are in another language!

    At any rate, this is your best installment aesthetically speaking. Several images are print-it-out-frame-it-and-hang-it-on-my-wall quality. Really. Comments above say pretty much what I'm saying here.

    I was bracing myself for your wacky ending, but I was still thrown when your ending proved even wackier than I expected.

    I have no complaints. 14 panels and not a single weak one among them. The quality of your work is reaching the status of breathtaking, really.