Saturday, June 19, 2010

Prize Inside


  1. Glad this is back...for now. Congrats again on the nuptials!

  2. Yay!!! Ewww... But, YAY anyhow.

  3. Congratulations on marriage! You said at an AN Night that it was pretty much a done deal with you and yours . . . so glad you finally sealed it!

    My experience with bugs go back to when I was raised in Utica. We killed bugs, spiders, ants, roaches . . . but we chased away rats. I was too fond of rats to want to kill them.

    At any rate, we didn't have many rats, but we were constantly killing bugs.

    That panel where green bugs explode out of what appears to be one of their nesting balls is one of the grossest sight gags I've experienced in anything, for all time. Congratulations (again), David. That was actually a compliment, much like you would tell Wes Craven that one of his movies scared you so much you puked for hours.

    And the bug delivery guy was another creepshow classic. I really like that twist.

    One more comic for me to comment on before I am fully caught up!