Friday, November 6, 2009



  1. Oh thanks!! I've been worried that this one isn't quite up to snuff somehow.

  2. This seems to be just as ambitious as Cloud Beasties. With all the added animation (Rasco's collar & ear animation, the noodle animation, even simple deft touches like fire erupting throughout the kitchen and out the window as Rasco flies out to avoid it), I get feeling of spectacle rather than the feeling that you used the worst episodes of Naruto for inspiration.

    So I feel I at the very least owe you a substantial comment in return. More like a review, like a movie review, and in many ways this feels like a movie. Like what we were talking about at AN Night with Yeagle. Something with a beginning, a long but engaging middle, and an end. And the end was one of the goofiest endings--well, outside of Predator--I've had the unusual pleasure of enjoying.

  3. Thanks Enoch! Yeah, I've considered this episode to be one of the simpler narratives, but you're right, it has a lot of big spectacle and little touches. Took a long time too, particularly in terms of visual research for those sweeping cityscapes. This is actually by far the largest one in terms of file size.

    Also, if you can believe it, I've never watched Naruto!