Friday, November 13, 2009

Freedom of the Press


  1. I have to admit...that is a bit frightening. Think about it. What if I happen to be watching Fox News...or a recap of one of their ridiculous stories and my tv breaks and I have Sean Hannity himself in my living room.

    That, my friend, would be worse than the Apocalypse.

  2. Smaller in scale this time around, Freedom of the Press has a newsman that reminds me of Charlie Rose. Now, that's not to say that Rose's eyebrows are as thick as your newsman's, but the fact that his eyes hardly open (strong reminder of the behavior of Charlie's own eyes when reading from one of his table cards) is what makes the connection for me. That, and (another strange, very tenuous link I'm drawing here) his hair.

    Actually, his hair is more Charlie Gibson than Charlie Rose.

    I have come to expect wacky endings from you, David. In fact, it's slowly shaping up for me to be the main attraction, in that I want to skip to it from the beginning. Much like you crack a Dan Brown book, and the suspense becomes so unbearable you break the cardinal rule of enjoying a story--you skip to the ending first, and then you start on the beginning.

    With this, I plan on reading every installment going forward twice. At least, and more times if future installments are less than twenty panels in length. But regardless of length, at least twice per installment.

  3. Ah, but if you skipped to the end, you'd miss all the mini-twists throughout.

    Haha, I didn't have anyone in mind for the newsman, but you guys are drawing some hilarious connections!

  4. It's not 1984... and you're not Apple.

    Great comics, though!