Friday, December 4, 2009

An Acquired Waste


  1. He certainly is a disgusting little fellow, isn't he?

  2. the advice at the end is very apt.. it was awkward being an american at a korean cat dinner

  3. Sorry for the absence, David. Rest assured, I have not forgotten about one of my favorite Koalas.

    Boy, you sure stepped outside the box for this one, man. Your female character designs are gorgeous! But, anyway, I kept expecting a continuation of your previous Tofurkey storyline; it seems as if you will make us wait for that!

    And, um, what is someone so hot like your female character doing going to a dinner date with a koala, anyhow? I love teh random hilarity in this . . .

    18 panels, just the right length for something like this. Good work, David. The Tofurkey will be on my mind until you give us (those of us who care about the Tofurkey baddie, anyhow) some closure!

  4. Dang, how'd Martin score a date with that hottie?

  5. Years ago, when researching real koalas for inspiration, I kept finding tons of pictures of koalas being held by hot girls. I don't fully comprehend the logistics of it, but my research led me to one undeniable conclusion:
    Koalas get chicks.