Thursday, December 24, 2009

Martin's Wish


  1. Merry Christmas Martin, Rasco, Sanja, and David.
    (Can't they at least stay up til after the New Year?)

  2. Yay! I like it! And it's so true, too. Everyone loves Christmas lights!

    This strip (is that what you call it?)strikes a nice balance between humor and the warm-hearted sentiment which otherwise cynical people such as myself tend to indulge only at this time of year.

    Thanks! 'Tis a lovely Christmas gift to your readers. (-:

  3. Dang you're good at animation... props.
    I like the last shot, it reminds me of indiana jones-Raiders of the lost ark's final shot.

  4. As lazy as families are today, I'm surprised those koala-as-lights didn't stay up at least until Martin Luther King's Day!

    From the looks of it, you put quite a bit of effort into this one, David. Great work here!

    And if I didn't already say this the last time I saw you at AN Night, Happy New Year!