Friday, December 11, 2009

Song of the Landlord


  1. Oh yeah, I'm glad you drew this one! Many need to read your Practical Implication about attempting to be Punny!

    In fact, I think you could have done this in 9 panels, but am still glad you stuck the extra two panels in there somewhere. More is not always better, but a little more is.

    I'm happy Rasco showed up to pie this landlord. What would have been a true side-splitter if he had served this guy with an eviction notice for his sub-par sense of humor!

    Great work again, David. Still looking for that Tofurkey!

  2. I know what you mean about condensing it, which is originally what I had, except at the beginning, there was some introductory text. It was my fiancee who convinced me to trash the text and look for a better way to explain the joke visually within the story. I love now how the landlord obviously didn't learn his lesson. Thanks for the comment!

    Speaking of eviction notices, I keep wanting to do a District 9 parody somehow.