Friday, January 15, 2010



  1. When can I buy Koalition stuffed aminals huh!?!??!

  2. awwww, great as always! i enjoyed the addition of the implied metaphor :)

  3. Hey - I recognize that zoo sign!

  4. Lotta action in this one!

    I loved Sanja's expression as she is ripping out of the plush version of herself! I had a WITW moment, though . . . how the hell did she get inside of that?

    Afterwards, I was wondering . . . this little girl knew all along that Sanja was a live creature? Eh, could be her imagination, right?

    I wish you made that zoo guard look like Will Ferrell for some reason. Can't explain why really, but it'd would have made things funnier.

    Zoos + Will Ferrell = Guffaws. Sometimes.

  5. @Enoch: Sanja got inside the same exact way the giant cockroach fit inside Edgar in Men in Black of course!

    The little girl didn't know. She thought it was plush, and Sanja had to lie reeeeaaal still for a long time! (which makes the ripping out all the more glorious)

    The zookeeper's name is Joe Mascott. He's a recasting of my first original comic character from way back.

    @Matt: No kidding? It' actually from the St. Louis zoo, the most memorable zoo sign I can remember.

  6. My gosh, it's like "The Noozles"! But less disturbing.