Friday, January 29, 2010

Papa Roach's Motel


  1. So heartwarming that I've been go on a diet! No more sweets for me.

  2. oh my gosh you are my hero!!!!
    I love Koalas and you are freaking awesome at telling stories and drawing then and animating them!!!!! I have something to look forward to every Friday!!! thank you!!!! good luck with the new job!!!

  3. Love what you did with the new site design! Awesome! Reminds me that i need to touch mine up as well!

  4. Hey, Roku-On, thanks for noticing! Required some coding, so thank goodness for friendly geniuses and their free online tutorials.

  5. Is there a way to integrate one-click sharing for individual episodes on this here blog..? Curse my laziness, but I would be unstoppable with the retweets with episodes like this, which merited an ACTUAL "lol!"

  6. Hi Jenn, there may be, but I haven't gotten to it. Usually I just post direct links. The closest I've got for now is Digg and StumbleUpon which can be found on the right sidebar. Thanks for spreading the fun!!

  7. Hey David, I haven't forgot about Martin. The previous laptop that I had crashed and burned--and along with it, many of the settings and bookmarks. I extracted the hard drive from my laptop and put it into a HDD enclosure--and that's how I got most of what I needed off of it!

    This new laptop I'm using--fastest laptop I've ever owned.

    I'm slowly catching up to all of my bookmarks. Slowwwwwwwllly. I'll begin commenting on the rest of your work really soon.

    You got really edgy here with Papa Roach's Motel, but this is what I was waiting for you to do. Having the Roach crawl out of Rasco's poo? Hehehehe . . .

    Um, did a koala just use a toilet?

    Anyway, maybe I should know better than to ask questions like that about a comic that regularly travels to the farther reaches of absurdity!

    The images of a father thinking he's lost his son for good, then reuniting with him--and seeing him become successful--to me, that actually had some strong emotional appeal, despite the fact the reunion happened at the edge of a toilet and the son's success happened within a cake at a cake shop in a display window! Takes real skill to write one's way around those scenarios and still tug reader's heartstrings!

    Okay, onto my next comic!