Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fuzzy Romance

                                     Free prize inside!


  1. That paperclip looks like he's been to the Hello Dignity Hair Clinic.
    Happy Valentine's Day. I'm printing my card.

  2. Is this a jab at the little paperclip from Office 97?

  3. awwwwww <3

    perfect. absolutely perfect.

  4. Love the design of the card--man, you're a hell of a gifted artist.

    You know, I gotta say you're becoming increasingly more ambitious with these comics, what with including elaborately designed Valentine's Day printouts & richly detailed animations--I'm starting to think that at some point this will really tax your energy levels!

    I believe Sanja's reaction to what Rasco put together (with the assistance of that hilarious parody of the annoying MS Word Paperclip Character) was fairly predictable. I still enjoyed it, but kinda wish you had made it a little less obvious that Sanja was going to serve him with the "let's be friends" soft reject!

    Tremendous work here, David. I mean that!

  5. Thanks everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderful Valentine's Day.

    @Enoch: I suppose if Sanja's reaction were meant as a punchline, sure a different approach would have been better. However, I take real joy in the interplay of their personalities through facial expressions and such. I don't think I have enough moments with the koalas genuinely interacting, so from a character-developing standpoint, that's one of my favorite scenes so far.

  6. Very awesome!!! I love this one ^_^
    I also noticed that Sanja and Rasco are both left handed, that is so awesome are you left handed?

    I gave my boyfriend the card and he thought it was so neat!!!! thanks for letting us use it!! ^_^

  7. @Koala Cakes: Oh awesome! Thank you for putting it to an appropriate use!! I hope it made your Valentines happier.

    Before we fight, there is something you must know.... I am NOT left-handed! Heheh, usually the choice of hand depends on composition, but sometimes it's intentional. Let's just say I'm always changing my mind!

  8. HAHHA.. according to my friends, having Valentine on a Sunday pretty much spells out that the ecomony better pick up by November (do the math)

  9. oh that's cool it's always fun to change it up!! ^_^